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I started coding a new game called Vectorpunk: Quadra Nightride.

It's a free sequel of Cyberpunk 2077 on Vectrex, during which V & Johnny chase a convoy in order to save V's body.

I still have to create the end boss, the bonuses, complete the Perks menu, and draw a big level where the player will have to fight on foot with a Katana.

So, still a lot of work to do, but it's on the good way! And it's already super fun to drive to Nightcity on a neon wired Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech!!!

There are a lot of texts in Vectorpunk, so big thanks to Malban for the improved text routines. The texts are readable even on a Cranky Vectrex!!


I just finished coding the first part of Vectorpunk 2077, a car race against time.

The car is now fully configurable with the perks received during the game. As you level up your skills, you go from driving a rolling soapbox to driving a Maserati! I also added enemies with a small AI as well as the end boss that you have to beat to move on to the second part of the game: Samurai! A katana fight, but I'll save that for a next video!


My graphic designer friend Vincent Voinchet started working on boxing and overlay visuals for Vectorpunk, thank you Vincent!!!


As I finished coding the first part of Vectorpunk (Race through the Badlands) I'm now free to start the second part of the game: Katana fights. Here are the first attack moves. It still lacks thrusting, blocking and quick dodging. Then come the Joystick controls with combo combinations, the enemies, the AI and the 2 player mode.


This is it! Samurai's game engine is finished and the game is playable for 2 players!! Sounds are still missing, shock and parry animations will replace the developer's HIT/Block lettering. I have to add a system of perks that the players can spend before the fight to personalize the characteristics of their character, finish the 1 player mode which is the sequel to Quadra Nightride and if there are a few thousand bytes left, add animations for the Fatalities following deaths by combos. But as it is, the system of stamina (Players get tired), powerful parry and counter-attack, retained attack that releases the power of the blow works well and we had a lot of fun with it, even without the sounds!


Samurai for two players has grown a lot and has far exceeded the needs of the single-player combat engine originally planned for Vectorpunk (Super detailed models, skill customization, analysis of player behavior during battles, which provide access to hidden content and new skills , or on the contrary, a bad Karma and even a complete Bonus Game ) So, I will release it in standalone version on the first of November 2022 and Vectorpunk will not be released until May 2023.

Samurai's goal is not to strike like a bully, but to hold back his attack and strike at the right moment, chaining combos or parrying and counter-attacking. The action is really fast and the characters composed of more than 150 vectors are displayed perfectly even on my Cranky Vectrex (Proof in this video) I also recently added music and sounds, intro and end screens game and a whole reward system via fifteen codes that gives access to hidden perks. It only remains for me to optimize the big Oni mask of the home screen in smartlist so that the Vectrex clip less (But Malban offered for this painful work, Thank you!!!!) and integrate the Game Bonus unlockable via a secret code in game, because this cartridge, like Wireout-RE, is a 64k cartridge and can store two games. Release scheduled for November 1, 2023 in special packaging!!!


Samurai is ready!!! He will be released on November 6, 2022. Each Samurai game will contain a box in DVD format, a numbered Slimcart that can be inserted into it, an 8-page manual and 2 pairs of a brand new device for the Vectrex: The Samurai Tech Infovisor! This new device replaces the traditional Vectrex overlay and allows you to see the whole world through an overlay! Additionally Samurai comes on a 64k cartridge which will contain a second Bonus Game.