Wireout-RE for Vectrex Game System:

Wireout-RE is a highly upgraded version of Wireout, the first Futurevector game released in 2019. For one player. Compete against the world's top anti-gravity racing teams on 8 championship circuits to become the greatest Anti-Gravity Vector Pilot!

Now You can use missiles, choose your speed class, manage speeds and brakes.

In addition, Wireout-RE come on a 64K cart that includes a playable demo of Moskwa (A side story sequel to Wireout) and a special hidden content.

The slimcarts are labelled by number of order, starting at #1. Number #100 win a free custom made game shell.

-Slimcart: 29€

Worldwide Shipping is 10,5€ (doesn’t matter the number or cart you buy).

Batch #1 from January 10 2022

Note: If you have difficulty paying with your smartphone, use a web browser to complete your order.