Alex & June :
Available as a kit, June 2015 to Sept 2022: -SOLD OUT


  • Low Pass, High Pas & Notch Filter with 2 Jack entries.
  • Attenuverter potentiometer
  • CV Jack IN.
  • Cutoff and Resonance potentiometers
  • 10ma power draw (+/-12V or +/-15V)
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Depth: 6hp
  • Skiff friendly

The filter accept now line level entry (from Korg Volca etc..) An attenuverter was added on the

CV IN. The new version is more versatile and offer smother controls on the cutoff and the resonance.

Now the filter can be used as a Gate.

The CV input can be used as an Audio IN (produced some delicious fuzzle and Grittlle).

Red Edition: Diy Kits

Yellow Edition. limited 10 full mounted units: Sold Out