Sides Games 64k digital cart

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Digital 64k Vectrex cartridge. Each Futurevector digital Vectrex game cartridge is unique. When starting the Vectrex console, the digital cartridge displays its serial number and the name of its owner.
Futurevector digital cartridges are for personal use and cannot be copied for sale on multicarts.

The game cartridge demo on Pitrex

Important note: The digital cartridge contain the name provided by your paypal payment. No other name will be put into the code.

To make a digital cartridge, the game developer must encode your name and the serial number to the cartridge, compile the code and test it on real hardware. This process takes as much time as assembling a boxed game, which is why a delay of 1 week is necessary. Your game will be sent to you by default at the address provided by Paypal.

Futurevector physical and digital cartridges have a 64K capacity. The Vectrex console is designed for this cartridges. If you are using an emulator, make sure that it can read 64K cartridges. No support will be provided in case the use of an emulator.