DISPLAY : Available as full mounted unit only:

Batch#1, 8 June 2017: —-SOLD OUT

Display by Razmasynth is an AV display able to visualize any video signal apply on his composite input. Display is similar to Telewizor V1, but include a buffered Composite Output, a 800×400 pixel screen and module‚Äôs thickness is only 25mm


One channel AV Display for Eurorack Modular, PAL, NTSC Video Generator.

Check your Video Generators, watch your movies or play video game on your modular. 

-Video IN: Support , TFT Camera, Super Nintendo, VHS Tape etc… (Cinch input) -Buffered Composite Video Out to export the Input Signal (Cinch Output)

-Digital TFT LCD

-Display size: 3.5″ (7.5cm x 6.3cm) (2.94inch x 2.47inch)

-Display Format: 4:3

-System: PAL/NTSC


-10P Eurorack bus connector

-191ma power draw (+12/-12V)

-Reverse polarity protection & Strong Neutriks Cinch Connections

-Depth : 16hp

-Skiff Friendly