Samurai is a katana duel game between 2 augmented cyber warriors engaged in deadly combat.

To succeed, you need to learn from the illustrious masters of Edo’s era. You will need to observe your enemy, hold your strike until the last moment, parry and carry out a deadly strike-back. Each warrior will have the opportunity to express his art of the sword by choosing three attributes before the first fight.

Samurai Controls : To play Samurai, a second control panel is required. The control functions are the same on both Joysticks.


-Kesa Giri: Button #2, quickly cuts the opponent from side to side 

-Kirirage: Knob #3, cutting up from the bottom

-Ichimonjii: Button #4, a powerful cut from top to down

-Tsuki: Crouch + Button #1, a piercing strike

-Zanshu: Button #3 + #4 simultaneously, a powerful strike that can take off an opponent’s head (unlockable via Cyberwares)

There are several ways to strike in Samurai: 

-A quick press of an attack button will deliver an immediate strike. But the player has the possibility to hold down the attack button. The warrior holds his strike long enough to charge the Muscle Boosters that equip his arms. When the boosters are charged, an arrow icon appears at its HUD. When the player releases the button, the damage of the hit will be increased greatly by the power of the booster! 

There are other types of additional damages:

Overload: Each successful parry automatically recharges the Muscle Boosters and allows the warrior to immediately perform an overpowered counterattack. Each successful parry increseases the Overload counter by one segment. The device is symbolized by 3 hexagon segments which are displayed successively in the HUD. When the Hexagon is complete, the next hit will be multiplied. 

Tsugi: (Unlockable via Cyberwares) A ​​powerful step forward that increases the power of the strike (Triggeredd by performing Forward – Forward with the stick).

Tip: All bonus damage adds up in Samurai! It is therefore possible to defeat an opponent with a single devastating strike! 

Parries: Each enemy Attack can be parried by holding button #1 and pressing button #2 or #3 at the right time, whether the attack comes from above or from below. Kesa Giri, Ichimonjii, and Zanshu type attacks are upper body attacks. Kirirage and Tsuki type attacks target the lower body. The attacks made during the jump touches up of the body, these made while crouching touches down of the body.

Tip: Performing a parry automatically recharges the Stamina bar to its maximum and the Muscle Boosters.

Movements: Each player has the ability to move back and forth, jump and crouch while striking. They can perform special quick parry moves such as the Dodge (unlockable via Cyberwares) which propels the warrior backwards using reinforced tendons (Rear-Rear Stick) or a Tsugi (unlockable via Cyberwares) a powerful step forward which increases the strike power (Forward-Forward Stick). 

HUDs: At the top of the screen, each player’s Head Up Display provides technical information about their warrior such as Health, Stamina, Muscle Boosters, Overload, Karma.

Life : The top bar represents the player’s life, which has the ability to regenerate slowly. The damages decreases the bar according to the type of strike. The life bar regenerates faster if the player has spent Cyberware points in their health.

Stamina: Stamina bar below the life bar represents the warrior tireness. Each attack or special move consumes the stamina bar. If the stamina bar doesn’t contain enougn points, the attack cannot be performed. Stamina points regenerates slowly. If the player has spent Cyberware points in Stamina, the stamina bar regenerates much faster.


Cyberware is technology permanently installed in human flesh. It has the ability to interface with the host’s nervous system, providing significant improvements in combat. Before the first combat, each player is free to spend points in different specialty. There are 3 points available in Cyberwares.

Tsugi, cost: 1 point. A ​​powerful step forward that increases the power of the strike (Triggeredd by performing Forward – Forward with the stick) ideal combined with a powerful strike such as 

the Ichimonjii or Zanshu. 

Dodge, cost: 1 point. A disengagement movement which propels the warrior backwards using reinforced tendons (Rear-Rear Stick). Lowers Stamina on use.

Zanshu, cost: 2 points. A powerful strike that can take an opponent’s head off. Use by pressing Buttons #3 + #4 simultaneously. 

Life: Each additional point spent allows the player to restore their health faster. Maximum two points.

Stamina: Each additional point spent allows the player to faster recover the Stamina points consumed by their actions. Maximum two points. 

Second Life: Hidden Cyberware, unlock only by entering an achievement code. When the player’s life drops to zero, his second heart starts working and restores his life points to the maximum for one time.


During combats, if certain actions have been performed, you get four-digit codes. The codes can be entered before each game in the Achievements section of the title menu. 

Note: A code obtained by Player 1 only applies to Warrior 1, a code obtained by Player 2 only applies to Warrior 2. During combat, the system allows one active code for each player.

Here is the list of Achievements each player can succeed: 

-Badly Hurt: Gain 2 extra Cyberware points 

-Never Hurt: Gain 1 extra Cyberware points 

-Parry King: Unlock the Dodge Cyberware 

-Tsugi King: Unlock the Tsugi Cyberware 

-Supercharger: Gain 3 extra Cyberware points 

-Secondlife: Unlocks the second life Cyberware 

Special : 

-Vectorpunk : If the player has completed the Vectorpunk game, each player earns 6 additional Cyberware points