Available as a kit, December 2015 to Sept 2022 –SOLD OUT


-LFO potentiometer, 9 Waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Ramp Down, Ramp Up, Staircase, Square, Static ADSR, Trig, Random and Noise

-Start/Stop Button

-Color Match Button: 14 colors available

-Bipolar -3,7/3,7V LFO’s

-Master Clock (Dedicated potentiometer and Output) From 0,49Hz to 109Hz 

-2/4/6/8/12/24 Clock Multiplier (Dedicated potentiometer and Output)

-2/4/6/8/12/24 Clock Divider (Dedicated potentiometer and Output)

-Special VIII Sequencer trigger function: When the X and % pots are completely turned to right, the X and % Outputs send pulses alternatively to drive two VIII Sequencers as one 16 steps sequencer.

-Blink In fonction: Shibuya is able to modulate the led with any external waveform plugged on the « Blink IN » input (enveloppe etc…). 

-Fully compatible with Razmasynth Eurorack Acryl Ears Sides kits (With RGB led strip)

-Arduino based, easily hackable

-16P Eurorack bus connector 

-15ma power draw (+/-12V) 16.6ma (+5V)

-Reverse polarity protection

-Depth: 8hp

-Skiff Friendly

-5V bus needed