Batch from June 2024 :
-Full built and calibrated units: 280€
(Module ready to use, no need to solder).

Telewizor is an A/V display module and Video Generator with several patterns, controlled by CV. It’s the last of Razmasynth’s Telewizor series and includes most of the patterns from Telewizor V2, Vector and DU-NTSC. FR4 are provided with black matte coated epoxy panels.

This ultra-custom module adds a unique element to your rack, the ability to display any video signal on its composite input, in addition to being a video generator with several patterns, which are controlled by CV and Gate functions. 

Furthermore, the FR4 is set to a real one channel oscilloscope with a wide sample rate spectrum, allowing you further creative flexibility and playroom.

We are also very excited about the capabilities of the FR4's Video Cinch feature, which not only just exports a composite signal from the video generator, but can also export Video Signal or Sync with a simple hack.

Telewizor FR4 Tech Specs / Features:

-One channel AV Display for Eurorack Modular, PAL, NTSC Video Generator and One Channel Oscilloscope

-CV Input controls Video Generator (Jack Mono 3.5)

-Universal CV from modular, bipolar (+5/-5V) and unipolar (+5V)

-Gate Input: resets the current pattern and turns the screen black when a positive signal is applied (Jack Mono 3.5) 

-Chaos Button: inverts on-screen colors in all patterns; use this button to decrease the sample rate on an Oscilloscope sub-program in order to display signals from a LFO

-Video In: supports PAL/NTSC; it can connect with DVD, VCD, TFT Camera, Super Nintendo, VHS Tape, etc. via Cinch input 

-Composite Video Out: exports the video generator signal via the Cinch output ( NTSC )

Video Generator: 
-Over 21 video patterns (See Vector/ DU-NTSC/ FR-4 Quickstart Manual)
-One Channel Oscilloscope; with a sample rate from 700KHz to 228Hz

-Digital TFT Chimei LCD
-Display size: 3.5"
-Display Format: 4:3
-System: PAL/NTSC
-Pixel: 480(W)X272(H)
-10P Eurorack bus connector 
-191ma power draw (+12/-12V)
-Reverse polarity protection
-Depth: 16hp
-Skiff Friendly
-Optional solder pads on the PCB back, for powering display with an external power supply 12V DC, without causing main power supply to drop down