Vectorpunk 2077 : Quadra Nightride. For Vectrex Games System. Demo only

Vectorpunk 2077: Quadra Nightride is a chase game in which you have to catch up a convoy carrying technologies that could save your life, before it reaches Nightcity. But the road through the Badlands is uncertain and dangerous. V and Johnny Silverhand drive a prestigious racing car, the Quadra Nightride, which they can improve throughout the game using perk shards. They will also have access to a smart gun: Skippy, as unpredictable as it is friendly.

The game screen displays the kilometers that separate V and Johnny from Nightcity, but also those that separate the Zetatech convoy from the city, as well as the state of the vehicle and the fuel reserve. At any time the game can be paused and access the Perks menu by pressing the #1 key. Vectorpunk demo is for personal use and cannot be copied for sale on multicarts.